Debra A. Zeller


Adam & Megan engagement session

I had a wonderful engagement shoot with Adam & Megan this past Thanksgiving weekend. It's rare that I have clients suggest shooting early in the morning, and when I say early, they were at my apartment at 7:30am ready to roll! I'm still not sure how I pulled this off without any coffee, I didn't even seem to notice I hadn't had any once I started shooting. The fact that they're really enjoyable to be around and have a wonderful sense of humor made photographing them so much fun.adam & MegAdam & Megadam & MegAdam & MegAdam & Megadam & Megadam & Megadam & Megadam & Megadam & Meg
Don't they look like a couple that belongs together? They really do complete each other. It's so wonderful to meet and be able to work with couples like Adam & Megan.

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