Debra A. Zeller


Alissa & Adam, October 27, 2007

I had been looking forward to Alissa & Adam's wedding, it's clients like these two that make my job so much fun, they were so incredibly easy going and kind. And I love that Alissa chose a non-traditional dress as her wedding dress, she looked so beautiful and classy. She also didn't have bridesmaids, instead she had her brothers at her side. What would you call male bridesmaids? There must be a name for it. zeller-aa01.jpg zeller-aa03.jpg We started the day by shooting the formals at Alamo Square park then we headed over to the venue. While the guests were arriving the wedding party chilled out in a room upstairs. This little flower girl was so adorable, even with a frown on her face. She turned that frown upsidedown once the ceremony began. zeller-aa04.jpg I photographed Katie & Ben's wedding the week before at the same venue, the Swedish American Hall. This time around was a bit more of a challenge, the lights were even dimmer. zeller-aa05.jpg This is more what it was like in the photo below: zeller-aa06.jpg Thankfully everyone stood pretty still so I could use a longer exposure. zeller-aa07.jpg zeller-aa08.jpgzeller-aa09.jpg zeller-aa10.jpg The reception was held downstairs at Cafe DuNord. zeller-aa11.jpg zeller-aa12.jpg zeller-aa13.jpg My friend Dan was the DJ for the evening. He's the one who also referred me to Alissa & Adam (thank you, Dan!!!) zeller-aa14.jpg Dan is by far the best DJ at any wedding I've ever been to, and I'm not just saying that because he's my friend (seriously!). He had everyone dancing from start to finish, the dance floor was never empty. That right there speaks volumes! zeller-aa15.jpg zeller-aa16.jpg zeller-aa17.jpg Congratulations, Alissa & Adam!! oxoxo, Debra
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