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Antigua, Guatemala : Part 3

Puppies!!!! Who doesn’t love puppies? I don’t think I need to gush about how cute these pups are, it’d be like preaching to the choir.

So we brought the puppies back to the house we were staying at in Antigua and we were hoping to get a nice portrait of all of them together – how silly were we? They were running all over the place and all over Greg!
It was hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose one it would of been this cutie below with Greg.
Time for dinner!
You missed one!
After picking up the puppies and having crazy fun with them that evening, we had to get a good night sleep since we were being picked up at 4am in the morning to head to the airport.

We got the pups all checked in with no problems; four were checked in with baggage and one went on board with us. I was worried that he’d be hyper on the plane, but it was the opposite. The plane seems to have the same affect on dogs as it does me, it puts us to sleep! Yes, being on a plane puts me to sleep instantly, I feel lucky about that. He was so great, he didn’t complain or budge once.

Unfortunately we had a bit of a problem once we arrived at LAX; the fella who re-checks in your luggage after you’ve cleared customs wouldn’t take the pups and made us go crazy out of our way to check them in someplace else. This is not how it’s typically done, they are suppose to take them at that point, and since he didn’t, we barely made our flight by just a few minutes, and unfortunately the pups didn’t have the same luck. Our hearts were broken when we arrived at SFO and found they didn’t make the flight. The pups eventually made it 3 flights later that evening. So while we waited all night for the others to arrive, we took the one we had on board with us to take to the SPCA. This is our guy…
So now we’re at the SPCA and I’m nearly in tears at this point, it’s amazing how attached I get in such a small amount of time. It was soooo hard to say goodbye.
The good news is, all the pups have been adopted and are now living in loving homes. Don’t you just love a happy ending?


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  1. Katie & Ben August 15th, 2008 9:41 am

    I am sooo happy that you rescued those cute pups (and what great photos, too!). You guys are awesome!


    Katie & Ben

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