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Book Cover Photography : Sojourner by Lee Foust

I have the huge honor of having photos I captured on the front and back cover of this book, Sojourner, by Lee Foust. This photo was taken in Lucca, Italy and the back photo (not shown here) was taken in Assisi, Italy. Sojourner by Lee Foust. Cover photos by Debra A. Zeller Photography Lee Foust's Sojourner engages mysteries of place; familiar and foreign cities, people, languages; our staying, our going, finding and abandoning love, ourselves, in flats, tenements, squats, and on park benches. No comments

Interview with Due X Tutte

Click here to read an interview I did recently with an Italian blog called 'Due X Tutte' about being a wedding photographer. It is in Italian with the English translation at the bottom.
Debra Zeller Italian Interview


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Tax Tips for Photographers

Occasionally I get inquiries where one of the questions folks ask is if I charge tax, and the answer is "yep!", I unfortunately have no choice. I found this document provided by the California State Board of Equalization to be extremely helpful with regards to charging tax, and thought I'd share in case any of my blog readers happen to be aspiring photographers in California looking to start their own business.

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Recently I assisted my good friend and photography partner Greg with a photoshoot for the restaurant Butterfly here in San Francisco. I'd never been there before but will most definitely be going for dinner in the near future. We devoured the food we photographed which was as delicious as it looks, specially the the molten chocolate cake and coffee ice cream (mmm-mmm!).  Below are some of the photos I took while Greg was off photographing other things. zeller-butterfly-18.jpgzeller-butterfly-1.jpgzeller-butterfly-23.jpgzeller-butterfly-341.jpgzeller-butterfly-53.jpg zeller-butterfly-15.jpgzeller-butterfly-41.jpg oxoxo, Debra No comments

UCSF Group Portrait

I recently photographed my largest group portrait to date for UCSF. I really lucked out because it was suppose to rain on the day of the shoot and my other location option was indoors and not very exciting. I was so happy to be able to use this spot for the shoot, it couldn't have been any more perfect! And I lucked out with good lighting, too.
UCSF Group PortraitHope everyone had a lovely NYE! Since I'm still suffering from the ear infection I decided to stay in and watch a movie. It's really frustrating not being able to hear in one ear. At least now I can sit up without being in pain and can now get back to work.

As for 2008, I don't know about you, but I am excited about the new year. I think it's going to be a really good year.

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