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Justin & Allison : Engagement Session

I had a fun engagement session with Justin and Allison that comes in two parts. We first took some photos around the Embarcadero in San Francisco and then some more photo fun was to be had in some random vineyard in Sonoma. I’m really looking forward to their wedding on October 4th in Sonoma, they are so much fun to be around and to top it off they are a gorgeous couple.

I’ve been wanting to take this particular shot at the Ferry Building for some time now, it was so nice to finally get the chance. I had a funny encounter with a fella watching me take this shot; he came over and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me there was an exit sign in my shot. Hmmm… do you see an exit sign? Hahahaha. Poor fella mentioned that he had an exit sign standing out in most of his wedding photos, so now it seems he doesn’t trust any photographer to know what they’re doing.
Justin & Allison in San FranciscoJustin & Allison in San FranciscoJustin & Allison in San FranciscoJustin & Allison in San Francisco
Off to Sonoma!
Justin & Allison in SonomaJustin & Allison in SonomaJustin & Allison in Sonoma
Then we took a quick trip to Africa! [wink]
Justin & Allison in Sonoma
A little behind the scenes mystery revealed!
Justin & Allison in Somona
Thank you Justin and Allison for such a wonderful time!


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