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Peter, Jeanné & Ruby

I had a really fun portrait session with Peter, Jeanné & Ruby the other weekend. It's enjoyable working with children; I love the challenge of trying to capture their personality in an image. One of the fun parts with photographing children is trying to get their attention, and at Ruby's age kids are looking all over the place absorbing all they can see. You can only really get their attention for a full 2 seconds if you're lucky! heh. Here are some images from our session, enjoy! peter jeanne & rubypeter jeanne & ruby Poor Ruby had fallen off a tricycle earlier in the day and gave herself a fat lip, but thankfully it went down a bit by the time we were to shoot. Isn't she adorable? peter jeanne & ruby peter jeanne & ruby peter jeanne & ruby peter jeanne & rubypeter jeanne & ruby And there she goes.....! peter jeanne & ruby oxox, Debra
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