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Somayeh & Mohammad : July 27, 2008

Somayeh and Mohammad were married on Treasure Island on July 27th and had a traditional Persian wedding. This was my first time photographing a Aghd ceremony and hopefully won’t be my last. The ceremony started off with a violin player that was mic’d so you could feel the music run through your body, and the guests were clapping along as Somayeh made her entrance. It was at this point that tears started to well up in my eyes. From start to finish the ceremony was just an incredible event to witness.

There aren’t words strong enough to describe my feelings for this amazing couple. Since the wedding they have invited Greg (who was the 2nd shooter) and I to dinner. It was lovely to see them again and get to spend some time learning more about their family back home in Iran and their culture.
Somayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & Mohammad
Before the ceremony with their guests they had time alone and read from the Koran.
Somayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & Mohammad
This is the first reception I’ve covered that had no alcohol yet everyone danced the night away.
Somayeh & MohammadSomayeh & MohammadSomayeh & Mohammad
These ships were bombing each other – not sure what they were reenacting. Since they were married on Treasure Island, having these ships in the bay was the icing on the cake.

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