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Antigua, Guatemala : Part 4

On our way to town one day we came across these cute cows. Just after I took this picture this cow came over to me and licked me! Yes, right after licking it’s own nose, I get a nice big slobber kiss. Nice!
During our stay in Antigua we stayed at this beautiful house that belonged to a woman that helps the Aware folks out. She was out of town while we were there so we had the place to ourselves. The red home to the left is where we stayed. In the distance is one of four volcanos that surrounds the town. On the day we arrived we could see the top of it, and I should of taken a photo then because thereafter it was always hidden under clouds.
Here’s a view of the courtyard. To the right is the main residence; we stayed in the quaint little place to the left.
And to top off the perfect landscaping she also has a butterfly garden!
I found this guy in the butterfly garden. Looks like he’s been there a while.
We found this quaint restaurant where we enjoyed several meals. I just love the warmth of the place.
I love visiting local farmer’s market.

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