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Antigua, Guatemala : Part 5

Okay, so this will be the last post about our trip to Antigua. I took so many photos, this could probably go on for another 5 posts! I hope to go back to Guatemala one day and discover more of this amazing and beautiful country. One of the coolest things I’d like to point out about Antigua, and maybe this goes for the rest of the country, but since this is only place we stayed, it’s the only place I can honestly comment about – anyhow, everyone we passed looked us in the eye and greeted us with a heartfelt “buenos dias, buenos tardes, buenos noches”, whichever applied.

Greg has a photo of me taking this photo, of course. But I think I had the better view! Heh. I love this old structure with the wild vegetation growing inside.
Tuk Tuk’s were our main source of transportation. I seriously want one of these, but I could safely bet that after I park it in my neighborhood that it’d be stolen within 12 hours. Thing is, it shouldn’t be that hard to find since I’ve never seen one in SF, right? Still, I don’t want to test my luck.
Color color color. This town is a photographer’s dream come true! So, if I told you one of the below buildings was a McDonald’s, would you believe me? No? I probably wouldn’t either, but it’s safe to say I have a McDonald’s in one of these shots. One of the most amazing things about this place, other than the people, is that there’s no major billboards or advertisements on the buildings so your everyday fast food stop is not apparent. We saw a Domino’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald’s, and each time had to take a second look and think… “is that a…”, and come to find out, it was indeed what we thought we saw.
Okay, I said I’d show some ‘chicken bus’ photos, and here they are! They are called chicken busses because on most days you can expect to find Guatemalan ladies bringing their chickens to sell at the farmer’s market. We didn’t have such luck, which I was slightly bummed about. But the busses themselves are all different and very much their own art pieces.
Of course I was thrilled to find this bus come buzzin by. I’m making this my last photo from the trip, because I’d like to think it’s my bus home (though it doesn’t go anywhere near California!).

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  1. Natasha July 22nd, 2008 3:18 pm

    Nice photos! WE were just thinking of going to Guatemala for a vacation sometime in winter. I love your photos! Now we are going there for sure 🙂

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