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Treasure Island Music Festival – Day 1


Today was the first day of the Treasure Island Music Festival which was put on by the folks from NoisePop and Another Planet. I wasn’t originally planning on going as I’m not really a big fan of big festival type settings and mostly just stick to Opry performances, but I was hired by NoisePop to shoot the festival so I said “why the heck not!”, there were a few bands that I wouldn’t mind seeing/shooting and a few bands I’d heard of but never heard so I thought it’d be fun. I started my day at 8:00am sharp in hopes of finishing editing Sarah and Dan’s wedding pics, but ended up not finishing as I had to get out of here by 3:00 to go catch the shuttle to the island. Wow, what an experience! It was pretty exciting to arrive at the Pac Bell Park (or does it have a new name now? I can’t keep track) parking lot where there was a ton of folks waiting for a shuttle – it was exciting, it felt like a real adventure. This is the first time this fest has ever taken place. To be able to park in the city and get shuttled on a big bus loaded with music fans to an island rarely explored was pretty cool.
big wheelseaweed man

I arrived just as M.I.A. hit the stage, so I made my way through the crowd so that I could figured out the layout and where I could go and not go. I made my way to the side of the stage where I didn’t see easy access to the pit, so I just shot from the sidelines, here are a couple shots…
The first familiar face I saw was my fellow rock photographer pal Jeanne, she informed me that I had to make my way through the crowd to get to the photo pit (!!!). Can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that before. I really don’t like pushing through crowds, and with big events like this I’m use to be escorted to the pit or having easier access. Needless to say I was out of my element! (sorry to those I had to push through!).

After listening to a bit of M.I.A. (who btw, KICKED SERIOUS ASS!!!) I thought I’d check out the other smaller stage; West Indian Girl was set to take stage next. There was a photo pit there but it was PACKED with photogs, so I opted to shoot from the audience, which was sparse – go figure.
West Indian GirlWest Indian Girl
West Indian GirlWest Indian Girl
West Indian GirlWest Indian Girl
After seeing a bit of West Indian Girl and capturing the above shots I wandered back over to the big stage. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist were up next. Not being able to access the photo pit (long story!!) I shot a shot from the sidelines, this is all I could get – shooting this type of music is really tough an not very exciting, though the music is good… anyhow.

That’s it for now, more tomorrow, this gal has to catch some zzzzz’s! But before I hit the hay, one more shot of the most adorable gal on the entire island, Ms. Ruby!
Word can’t describe how much I love this kid!!


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